Lift Station System

Multiple Layers of Protection

PLC & Level Transducer

PLC & Float Switch

Relay & Float Switch

Along with the multiple layers of protection the Lift Station system also has an interlock bypass feature for when sensor failures would prevent operation, but equipment is still functional. Additionally, the system has UPS backup for power protection in the event of a power failure.

SCADA-Ready System

No need for a separate SCADA RTU Panel

Outdoor Panels

An outdoor installation
  • NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosure
  • Operator controls and HMI mounted on secure inner panel
  • Can be locked and secured without the need for an external enclosure
  • Forced air or air conditioning cooling options
  • Integrated VFDs within one panel

Indoor Panels

An indoor installation
  • NEMA 12 painted steel enclosure
  • Operator controls and HMI mounted on panel door
  • Separated VFD panels for flexible mounting and isolation of high voltage

Easy to Use Graphical Interface

Easy to understand displays
Flexible selection of operating modes
Easy to change alarm and control setpoints

Communication Options


  • Low cost monthly fee
  • Secure
  • Fast
  • Optional remote support


  • Licensed
  • Unlicensed


  • Alarm Dialer

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