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“There is no technical problem that Ron can’t solve.”

Nathan Carroll, Assistant Director at Bedford Regional Water

What we make

From Lift Stations to RTUs we make all kinds of control panels!

“Laura Mock did a great job of communicating questions and suggestions to ensure we got the panels to our standards.”

Jeffrey Wetherell, project manager at Hoffman Building Technologies

What we do

PLC, SCADA, database, and networking just to name a few!

“Michael Edmonds helped us achieve great success implementing a private cellular SCADA network and provided excellent support with programming and customer service.”

Christopher Clark, Director of Public Works at Alleghany Co.

Who we can be

We are a close knit family and are looking to grow!

“The system rarely needs attention because IT WORKS!”

Dan Althouse, Manager at High Knob Utilities Inc

How to reach us

Getting in contact with us is a breeze!

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